3 Cross Dressing Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Dude in a Dress

When it comes to cross dressing you can either do a great job at it, or do it horribly; there’s really no in between. A man cannot be made to look like a woman with half measures. He has to do a great job at it. The problem is that most guys don’t do that. In fact, most crossdressers look awful, like a dude in a dress. And they’re not even aware that people are sniggering behind their backs.

To avoid going through the same ordeal, make sure you’ve got the following things covered:

Cross dressing tips on how to cross dress

1. Cross dressing make up is essential. You really can’t neglect using it. However, there’s a good way and a bad way to do this. The good way is to put on enough make up to cover what needs to be covered but not overdoing it and looking as if someone sprayed you with paint. Too much make up looks bad on a natural woman and will attract attention to your masculinity instead of hiding it.

2. Cross dressing shoes – The main thing about shoes is that they have to allow you to walk like a woman comfortably. Don’t wear stilletos if you don’t know how to walk straight in them. Comfort comes first and being fashionable last. You need to feel comfortable in what you wear, and shoes are the item which may give you the most trouble.

3. Another of my cross dressing tips involves one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to hiding their bulge. They try on clothes, make sure they fit, but they check the bulge only when they’re standing straight. You have to check it when you’re sitting down as well because clothes move around when you move around. Do that to avoid embarrassment.